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Do you really know your target anymore?  When you are looking to get your printed message in front of the most amount of people, for the least amount of money.  Saturation Mailing is the only direction to go.  Being able to blanket a whole entire zip code is a powerful tool and our Saturation Mailers can provide you with just that.. 

Not only will the United States Post Office give you a HUGE DISCOUNT on your postage. One of the secrets behind this type of mailing is that there are selections you can add, WITHOUT INCREASING your postage.  You can add median household age, median house hold value and median house hold income. You can add or remove businesses, trailers, Etc… This carpet bomb type of deployment has been effective in most major industries for decades.

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“I have owned my ad agency for over a decade and the has been my most consistent vendor for print related service.” 


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