Marketing Mailers

Marketing Mailers

Marketing with Mailers has and always will be a staple in advertising.  Direct-mail spending is up, despite increased postage rates. U.S. marketers increased their direct-mail spend by 5% last year, to $58.4 billion.  Need we say more?

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  • Mega Mailers - The Mega Mailer is almost two and a half feet wide and almost two feet high at 22" x 28".  You could literally use it as a table cloth.  It is HUGE.  By being the largest advertisement in the mail box you KNOW that you will be seen.  After all that is the whole point of advertising.  Getting your message looked at. 

  • Envelope Mailers - The wrapper hits a neurological trigger making the brain send signals to your hands to OPEN NOW.  Make your potential customer wonder what is in your envelope.

  • Scratch-Off Mailers - We have created an application that allows us to not only place a scratch-off anywhere on the printed Scratch-Off Mailer.  It could be any shape you desire.  From the silhouette of a corvette to cherries. Or you can use the traditional scratch off on your mailer which is a one inch circle. Our scratch capabilities can stretch as far as your imagination can go. 

  • Saturation Mailers - Do you really know your target anymore?  When you are looking to get your printed message in front of the most amount of people, for the least amount of money.  Saturation Mailing is the only direction to go.

  • First Class Mailers - Peace of mind is priceless.  Choosing first class postage with the United States Post Office, is a necessary investment in order to convince the high end consumer to believe what you are sending them is worthy of opening. 

  • Postcard Mailers - They work for small business owners, to the largest corporations in America.   Sometimes small businesses can not try things outside the box because of financial restraints.  So do what the market says works. 

  • Credit Card Mailers - Send them a true, heavy duty plastic, embossed credit card with their name on it and watch your establishment become flooded with consumers.  Advertising is all about getting the end responder to view your message and you will with our Credit Card Mailers.

  • Key Mailers - Usually associated with the largest most valuable materialistic possessions that you own.  So when a consumer is either able to see or feel the weight of the key that is attached to your Key Mailer. The desire to open it sky rockets. 

  • Database Mailers - Your database is your gold mine.  By constantly communicating with the people who already trust you, your results are bound to be better than with strangers in the market.

  • Web Based Barcode Mailers - The magic of a barcode is amazing.  Giving you an eye into your event and your client’s eye into what their clients want.

  • Service Mailers - Service retention is the most profitable sales center of almost any business.  From computers to cars, everything needs service and people are used to paying for it. 

  • Conquest Mailers - Go after your competitor’s makes and models and grow your market share.  Take over your primary marketing area. 

  • Variable Data Mailers - When a  stagnant piece is not specific enough for you, variable data is your key.  Change every letter to speak directly to your personal target. 


Projected Direct Mail Compound Annual Growth Rates
By Vertical Market (2007-2011)

Financial Services: Insurance 6.9%
Healthcare/Pharmaceuticals 6.4%
Retail: Traditional 5.8%
Technology 4.9%
Telecommunications 4.7%
Retail: Multichannel/Catalog 4.6%
Business to Business 4.5%
Automotive 3.8%
Not-for-Profit 3.8%
Hospitality 3.2%
Publishing 2.9%
Financial Services:
Banking and Credit Card 2.8%
Source: WG analysis of data from the Direct Marketing Association




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