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These full color Door Hangers come with the die-cut door hanger "hole" included. Click Here to view our Door Hanger Print Pricing.

They are full color and glossy on both sides. They normally come in 3.5" x 8.5" (1/3 of an page) or 4.25" x 11" (1/2 of a page), but we can create any custom size door hanger you'd like. Just let us know what size you'd like and we'll get you an estimate. Click here to view our Door Hanger Templates if you want to design your Door Hangers.

If you need us to design your Door Hangers click here. If you'd like to see samples of our Door Hanger designs click here.


They are printed on sturdy 12 point card stock that's 3 times as thick as normal paper. They will hold up and not tear or rip once they're on a door knob.

Normal Turnaround is 4-6 business days, but we can ship them as soon as 2 business days.

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