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The magic of a barcode is amazing.  Giving you an eye into your event and your client’s eye into what their clients want.  Barcode Magic has a high level, back end reporting system for you and your client. Giving you the ability to keep your finger on the pulse of the real time data, making for an easy resign. Being able to truly track your investment down to the penny is priceless and you can do that with our Barcode Mailers


This product is by far one of the most advanced and effective marketing and tracking tools in any vertical.  The average investment is surpassed in thirty days.  Making the next eleven months pure profit, being tracked by not only your client, but you the whole time.  What a great reason to call once a month and sell him another product.

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“I have owned my ad agency for over a decade and the has been my most consistent vendor for print related service.” 


Eric - Central FL